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KFC No11 Eau De BBQ

KFC No11 Eau De BBQ

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Missed out on the first drop of our Signature scent, No 11 Eau De BBQ? Don't get FOMO, keep an eye out on 7th May for a second spritz

We've all been there – that unmistakable aroma of a BBQ drifting through the air, tantalising our senses and leaving us craving the taste of smoky goodness. But what if you could capture that irresistible scent in a bottle? Wonder no more, as KFC proudly announces the launch of No 11 Eau de BBQ, a limited-edition perfume with smoky wood and charcoal notes that embodies the essence of a classic BBQ experience

The limited-edition scent comes in a 100ml bottle and is available for just £11 with 100% of proceeds going to The KFC Foundation, supporting grassroots organisations across the country that are empowering young people to unleash their potential and build a positive future.  

 Click to pre-order to snap up the most exclusive scent of the spring. 

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